A Productivity Journal

A Productivity Journal

(Joe Buhlig) #102


I’ve been getting up around 5 am for about three years now. There have been a number of times that dictated a need for extra sleep and I stay in bed (still waking up at 5 but going back to sleep) until 6 or 6:30. On those days I just feel anxious. It just seems like I’m behind all day even though I’m not.

And I thought I was bad at three. :blush:

(Justin DiRose) #103

2018 - Vol. II

Hello again this fine January! I’ve been unable to complete my review the last two weeks due to various circumstances. That was difficult, but life happens, right? I’m glad I got to do this again this week. I always feel so much less pressure when I get the clarity of this kind of review.


  1. Go to gym 1-2x per week - I’m 95% on track with this goal. This week got thrown off due to some car trouble that took my planned gym time to take care of. (Ironically, once the trouble was fixed, I had to go to the grocery store. Instead of the gym.)
  2. Read 1-2 strategic thinking books - I’m roughly 75% the way through Principles by Ray Dalio. I am mostly on track to be done with this book by the end of the month. It will be interesting to work through the review process for the book. I have a lot of quotes highlighted, and I know I’m not exactly going to want to hand write all those out in the commonplace.
  3. Get up between 5:30-6:00am each day - I was a little too ambitious in setting this goal. I’ve been on track for once or twice a week. My wife and I are not great about keeping a consistent bedtime, and this is partly because our schedule looks different every day. When I’ve gotten to bed before 10pm, however, I have a greater chance of getting up on time. Also, Apple Watch as alarm clock is :100: for not waking my sleeping wife.


  • This week: Intellect - I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about strategy the last few weeks. A few of the work initiatives I’m working on have allowed me to apply this knowledge in evaluating first, second, and third-order consequences.
  • Next week: Spiritual - I’m not recovering well. I haven’t been investing time in what recharges me. I’ve been letting my workload get the best of me.

Weekly Wins - Next Week

  1. Went to gym 1-2 times - clear enough, right?
  2. Finished Principles
  3. Got enough sleep each day (bed no later than 10pm)

What Worked

  1. Todoist - I keep building out my lists in this tool, and it’s jiving really really well so far. I honestly haven’t had time to write any posts on the subject (sadly), but I’m hoping to at some point.
  2. Incremental progress - Setting small goals for myself (like getting to the gym once per week) has been instrumental in helping me feel like I’m making progress. It’s hard to break some habits, but this is helping.
  3. Daily outcomes - Every morning, I write my three “daily outcomes” I’d like to see for the day. These show up on my Today list in Todoist. This helps me keep track of where I want to be going for the day. Do I always accomplish the outcome? No, but the awareness keeps me more on track than not having them visible or written down.

What Didn’t

  1. Travel Mode: Insane - Last week I had a crazy two days of travel. I put in 14 hours one day, and 10 hours the next for work. Interestingly enough, I spent nearly no screen time during these two days, which was great for my psyche. However, the rigorous schedule I set to try to accomplish my employee reviews in person has been taking a toll on me in the subsequent days. I’ll need to note this for the future. Don’t do that quite that way again. This is partly the reason for not resting well. When I came home, I had responsibilities to attend to, and didn’t take much space to rest.
  2. Phone, Phone, Go Home - There are days I wish I could pitch my cell phone. Then I wonder what I would do with out it, so I come crawling back. When I’m tired, I tend to use the phone to distract myself instead of actually resting, which gets me more tired in the first place. Helpful, right? I’m still working through how to combat this one. I’m playing around with the app Forest to help keep me from randomly picking up my phone and getting distracted. It’s helping so far when I remember to use it.
  3. Not drinking enough water - I’m still tracking this using Strides, but I’ve fallen, erm… out of stride with the app. This has happened regularly when trying to develop habits, and I’ve had trouble resetting and getting going again.


I decided to steal from @joebuhlig today and list out some items I’m experimenting with.

  • No Mail On Phone - Today, I deleted the Mail app on my iPhone. I’m experimenting with removing this as a crutch to waste time. I still keep my work email on my phone, as I see the need to do so.
  • More Task Detail - In Todoist, I’m experimenting using the task/subtask organization for projects instead of creating an actual second project. If I have a lot of projects, I’ll create one Todoist Project and dump them all in there. With this, I’m detailing out next steps more fully.

Thought for the Week

“The bill always comes due. Push yourself hard and you’ll have to take it easy at some point.”
-James Clear

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week. I’ve done just that - pushed myself hard. When I do this, the wheels fall off so easily. It’s in these times I need to schedule time to do what brings me life - making music, reflecting (like this review), and connecting with friends for fun.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get out from the pressure I feel to keep moving forward. Sometimes I resist resting like I’m powerless to my situation. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do.

But that’s no excuse.

(Justin DiRose) #104

I filled one this week. I opened a new one that was a gift and the binding broke immediately. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

(Joe Buhlig) #105

Given the plans for OmniFocus 3 and the web version being built, do you think you would consider moving back to OF?

I wish more people would do this. :hugs:


(Wilson Ng) #106

I’ve found that if I want to sleep by 10 pm, I need to start an hour earlier at 9 pm. I clear to neutral by putting away things, preparing the items needed for the next morning, etc. I try to be in my bed by 9:30 pm. Then it takes me a good half hour to slow down my brain and slowly drift into blissful sleep. I’ll have a book to help me drift into sleep. If I access my RSS feeds or Netflix queue, there’s always the problem of “just one more blog post to read” or “just one more episode because the cliffhanger is a doozy” will keep me up past 10 pm.

Do you start clearing to neutral at least an hour before your head hits the pillow?

I wish I could read at this pace. But I’ve sometimes found that I need to re-read a book to lift the main points that I really liked and create action items. Maybe it’s not about how many books we read but how many action items we can get from the books we read?

I just finished listening to an audiobook edition of One Small Step Cam Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way. Yep, that’s what I’m seeing. It’s the accumulation of small steps that gets us towards a goal. We’re all looking for that sexy big bang step that leapfrogs us into the future but it never seems to turn out that way.

I’ve always kept a Hydroflask very close to me. The more accessible my water bottle is, the more likely I’ll be drinking water. I love my Hydroflask. My water stays cold practically all day.

(Curtis Spendlove) #107

Well, that was a fun 25m diversion. I’m $100 bucks lighter on the other side of their website checkout procedure. :wink: I’m a sucker for a pretty face, I guess.

(Wilson Ng) #108

oops. sorry about that. Didn’t mean to auto-suggest a $100 diversion. :flushed:

I prefer the screw-on lid. The lid with the popup straw lets out the temperature and makes your drink get warm faster. The screw-on lid doesn’t have any place for cold or heat to escape.

It’s also great for hot beverages such as tea. It stays hot longer.

(Curtis Spendlove) #109

Haha. It’s nof a problem, I have budget set aside for some guilt-free frivolity. I need to get in the habit of drinking more water. And shiny new toys engage me.

My wife was skeptical, but I didn’t tell her I got one for her. We will see how she likes it. :wink:

I got both tops because I was indecisive. But your point of thermals is well taken. Went with the 21oz sport, so we will see which lid I prefer.

Edit: corrected iOS autotypo feature “so we will see which kid I prefer”. My kids already know who my favorites are. :wink:

(Justin DiRose) #110

Maybe, but having to pay a separate subscription to use this when Todoist meets my needs currently is a big barrier to switching. Not to mention you won’t have any filters or perspectives.

It’s something I’m trying to start doing, but am not the greatest at yet.

(Justin DiRose) #111

2018: Volume 3


  1. Go to gym 1-2x per week - This week the rails came off because I got sick. But that’s okay. Get on the horse again next week, right?
  2. Read 1-2 strategic thinking books - I finished Principles. Next book on my list for strategic thinking is The Organized Mind. It’s not a “strategy” book, per se, but my hope is it’ll lay out some principles for dealing with information, which according to Dalio is about half the decision-making process.
  3. Get up between 5:30-6:00am each day - I’m throwing this goal out. I don’t know why I didn’t have my replacement on my list in the first place.
  4. NEW GOAL - Get ready for baby to come and be a new dad again - It’s been a goal on my mind but I didn’t write it down in January. So, the focus will be getting the house and family ready for baby, and learning to be a new dad again!


  • This week: Spiritual - I guess I got rest this week because I ended up sick. That is not the way I want it to go in the future. Rest needs to become a habit. But that being said, I’m experimenting and thinking about how to implement meditation in my schedule. Being a Christian, my meditation will be focused on Christ in addition to my breathing. I’ve been doing it a few moments throughout the day and it’s been great to help keep me grounded and present. I think this is all the more needed since my days are primarily spent in front of a screen.
  • Next week: Family - It’s go-time to get ready for baby. Here we go!

Weekly Outcomes - Next Week

  1. Have the house ready to go for baby
  2. Go to the gym once
  3. Buy The Organized Mind and start reading

What Worked

  1. Waiting - Sometimes, when you’re seeking answers, the best thing to do is wait. I don’t know how many answers I’ve sought have come after hours of waiting. And this doesn’t mean to do nothing. It means to set the thing aside and, for me, trust God the answers will come. This has happened with meditation, some family things, and many other situations throughout the last month.
  2. Being OK and Realistic with Expectations - My job requires more availability of me during the day than most of our productivity friends would agree to say. In no way can I not have email open but once a day. I’m in a customer service leadership role and that doesn’t fly. But I can set aside times to be able to focus, which I’m doing and it’s really helping.

What Didn’t

  1. Not Resting - This has to change. New habit to build #1 is I need to rest regularly.


  • No Mail On Phone - This is going well. I was a little lost for a few days, but a week in now I am realizing just how much junk email I get that I don’t need to do anything with in my non-work accounts. I can batch it in about 5 minutes per day and I’m good.
  • More Task Detail - This was a major win this week. Having more task detail broken down and accurately tracking next actions has kept me so much more on track than before. And it’s kept me in my todo list, which helps me continue to add tasks and stay on track. (I know that sounds slightly unconventional, but it works for me.)
  • New Startup/Shutdown Routines - Or rather, modified, expanded editions.
    Here’s what I have.

Thought for the Week

Do you hate goals like I do? Joe and Drew’s most recent conversation on Whims That Work reminded me how much I don’t like goals. It also reminded me of a way I used to approach going new places in my life.

Goals, to me, are a form of fear-of-failure-driven productivity. Don’t meet the goal, you’ve failed. It’s measurable, so you’re accountable. The interesting thing about goals is they require you to plan out your next 12 weeks, 12 months, or 12 years; however, you can’t see past the moment in front of you. Efficient, right?

Before I yet again heard the loud cacophony of productivity and business folks state, “You have to set goals!,” I was trying a different approach. I called it directions. Instead of setting solid goals with measurable outcomes, I would write out a set of directions of where I wanted to point my life.

For all intents and purposes, goals and directions aren’t really all that different. They both have a desired end result, maybe a timeframe attached, but where they differ is in the approach. Instead of trying to predict the future in a way or have really great intentions of accomplishing a big, hairy, audacious goal, directions start with where you are.

Let’s put it this way. Setting a direction functions much like taking a road trip with no planned destination. You can only start from where you are, so pick a road and see where it takes you. If you don’t like where this one goes, pick another and try again.

A direction for your life, then, is something you want to pursue from where you are now (i.e. I want to be a better strategic thinker). The next logical thing is to figure out what your next step is (i.e. I need to find some books about strategic thinking and read them). From there, find a habit you can incorporate into your routine to do that thing. Then do it. If 3 months from now you lose interest in the direction, pick another one and spend your time there.

I’ve always been frustrated when the outcomes in my life don’t match up with my intended goals. I think that’s because I’m trying to get the cart before the horse. If I find out the direction I want to go, I’ll find guidance along the way. Progress is made one foot in front of the other. Going forward, I’m abandoning goals and going my own route of setting directions.

(Wilson Ng) #112

I like this. I used to have OmniFocus open my rituals checklist in a new window and check off tasks as I work down the list. Now, I’ve switched to a printed spreadsheet and checking it off the page. It just feels more real when I work off a paper checklist.

This was a great podcast. I feel that as long as I’m moving in a direction, I feel better. I feel stuck in neutral and can’t get anywhere, that’s when I really feel like I’ve failed. I can always course correct along the way and nudge myself back into another direction if needed.

In different seasons of our lives, I’ve always seen my goals change depending on the circumstances. I’ll chase after it. But when I get to a goal, I might see that it wasn’t I really wanted. But at least I enjoyed the ride to get there. Then I’ll move on. But we have to go through the adventure before moving on. I remembered a scene from Forrest Gump. He decided to take up running and went on some crazy marathon ride. He had a bunch of people following him. After a certain point, he just said “I’m tired. I’m gonna go home now.” Forrest had to go through all that to finally arrive at a turning point. When he’s ready to change directions, he had control over his current situation and moved on. I’d feel more depressed if I had no control over my life (bad job, crappy boss, low pay, unhappy marriage, drinking problem, [insert whatever crappy situation here]) and had to live life without any sense of control.

Maybe the goals give us a sense of direction? We might not reach the original goal but we sure had fun going along for the ride…


(Joshua) #113

Have you ever looked into Tiago’s second brain idea? Here is a link

(Justin DiRose) #114

2018: Vol 4 - Week 9

Hello all! It’s been a while. I was sick with the flu a few weeks ago, then my wife and I had a wonderful baby girl, so life’s been all over the place. It’s been good to get back in the swing of things again.


  1. Go to gym 1-2x per week - No progress. I got sick 3 weeks ago, then my wife and I had a baby. It’s been difficult to get enough sleep let alone get to the gym!
  2. Read 1-2 strategic thinking books - I decided against reading The Organized Mind. Instead, I bought Deep Work. I’m already over halfway through and it’s been transformational to the way I think about work.
  3. Get ready for baby to come and be a new dad again - This has been a wild, fun ride like it always is when you have a new little one come into your life. I’m still re-learning how to have a newborn again, but it’s been great this time around.


This Week: I’m not going to cover the last one since it was almost a month ago.
Next Week: Fun - I want to learn how to incorporate fun into my week next week. Fun with family, fun with projects, fun with work. I think this is all about mindset.

Weekly Wins - Next Week

  1. Wrote two blog posts
  2. Finished Deep Work
  3. Continued focusing on family

What Worked

  1. Half days on vacation - I deal with high volume of work in my job as a supervisor, so I decided to work a half day each week I was on parental leave. This was great. It allowed me to focus on staying caught up without any distractions. And I hit the ground running once I got back on Monday.
  2. Batching - I started trying to batch some work this week. It’s been a success, but my struggle with batching is there are still too many gaps in my day where direction is unclear. My schedule as a manager doesn’t always allow me to time block everything out, however.
  3. Paper, in small ways - I’m using a small 5x8 notepad next to my keyboard. This has been huge since coming back to work. Just the ability to easily jot notes down I can come transfer into my digital system has been great.

What Didn’t

  1. Unclear Priorities - This is an easy one. But in moments when the priority of work isn’t clear, the urgency or novelty of the work tends to make the decision.
  2. iPad - I’ve been trying to offload more low-impact tasks to the iPad, but, frankly, I just can’t get myself to use the dang thing regularly. My brain has not been grasping it in any way. I’d like to think if I had an iPad Pro with a Pencil this would be different, but I might just be trying to trick myself into a justification to get one.


  • No Mail On Phone - I’ve now removed work email from my phone as well. My main goal is to make my phone a utility in my mind, not a portal to the world.
  • New Startup/Shutdown Routines - I’ve been enjoying using these. They help me keep the little things together when I’m getting ready for the day. However, if I start them any later than 8:10, my whole morning usually gets thrown off.
  • Dishes Every Night - Having a new baby in the house means some of the menial tasks get left behind. To combat this, I’m working on creating a habit of doing the dishes every night after supper. Seven days straight so far!

I don’t think I could handle that kind of overhead/resistance of needing to have a printed page, especially since I work from multiple locations. But that’s neat you do that!

I have not, but will take a look!

(Wilson Ng) #115

Yay! Sometimes when I’m having a crappy day, I’ll look at my kids playing. This reminds me to be curious once again. Enjoy the world. Find something amazing. The simplest things are often the most amazing things to my kids. With my age, I feel jaded but I remind myself to see the world through the eyes of a child and enjoy.

I love using my A5 notebook. It’s part of my hybrid productivity system. Using OmniFocus as my warehouse of projects and tasks and my notebook as my “Today” page, I get a lot more work done.

This has been rough for me as well. It takes time. I think I have something to write about this soon.

Aah… I can see how this can be cumbersome for you if you’re working at different locations. I tend to stay at one place and it’s easier for me to just print out a project page and work from there. I do this mostly to avoid going back into my task management app and start procrastinating.

(Justin DiRose) #116

2018: Vol 5 - Week 10


  1. Go to gym 1-2x per week - No progress, but it also has not been a priority. Hashtag babies.
  2. Read 1-2 strategic thinking books - I finished Deep Work (what a powerful read), and now I’m on to The Strategy Paradox. This one caught my attention, and I’m looking forward to see what it has to say.
  3. Get ready for baby to come and be a new dad again - Still riding this wave… :smiley:


This Week: Fun - Well, I will say this week wasn’t exactly “fun”, but it’s sure been a lesson in the need to keep things lighthearted unless they absolutely don’t need to be.
Next Week: Fun - I think this week deserves another go at being fun!

Weekly Wins - Next Week

  1. Write two blog posts
  2. Successfully take on new responsibilities at work
  3. Made every day fun and full of joy

What Worked

  1. My Organizational System - It’s been noticed at work how organized I am and how I can juggle so many opportunities at once. THANK YOU GTD. Even though I feel like a failure at it, it’s working wonders for me. I guess, as with everything you grow in, getting better is iterative.
  2. Using Free Time - I’ve been taking on some side projects, so I’ve needed to find a spare hour or two here or there to work on them. Even having a family, I’ve been able to find this time and have been quite extremely productive in it.
  3. Finding Different Mental Exercises - So, my day is primarily in manager mode at work. That exhausts me in particular ways. However, since taking on more creative projects, those are re-energizing me in different ways. I believe it was Cal Newport in Deep Work who stated that our brains don’t tire like a muscle, but they do need different workouts at different points in the day. Taking this approach has allowed me to do more without burning bridges or neglecting my priorities. I’m just doing less of what isn’t helpful in the meantime.

What Didn’t

  1. My iPad Failing - So my iPad Air 2 has a touchscreen issue, and it’s bumming me out. I really made an effort last week to make my iPad a device I can use to offload lower impact tasks (i.e. social media, email). Since doing this, I’ve been struggling to keep email off my phone. The only other place I can check it is my MacBook. I’m going to need to make some mental readjustments.
  2. Not Having Enough Clear Space - If you have kids, you know it can be hard to get enough space in your day to just think and be at peace. I’ve found that’s also hard working at home. I’m good at staying on task at home, and my family’s been excellent and understanding about when work time is and isn’t. But the challenge comes when family time and work time butt up against one another. I don’t have a buffer time where I’m commuting or something like that. I do have a shutdown routine, but this doesn’t always get completed for various reasons before I need to get to my family. This is one I need to think on more.


  • No Mail On Phone - As mentioned above, I haven’t been great at this. I am leaving the Mail app on my phone just in case, but the accounts are turned off. We’ll see how this goes, but I am enjoying the process of making my phone a utility again.
  • New Startup/Shutdown Routines - These have been working wonderfully. Will keep going on these.
  • Dishes Every Night - I have only missed one day for dishes, and this was intentional to make sure I was able to spend time with my wife. Sometimes good habits come into clash with your priorities, and that’s okay if the priority wins out.

Oh isn’t that so true! Kids remind us there’s so much about the world to love and discover and enjoy.

(Wilson Ng) #117

:+1: Hmmm… Do I smell a blog post about some of your book reading. Maybe a couple of key gold nuggets or quotes that you found?

I don’t practice full GTD but many of its aspects have become a foundation for my workflow. It’s like a martial artist. You keep practicing and getting better. You learn new techniques and mold it to fit your style.

That’s why I like taking on new challenges. I’m primarily a sales manager but I like to flex different muscles. Writing a blog post, getting some graphic design work as a side job, learning how to renovate/destroy my house, and being a husbad/dad exercises different parts of me and keeps me engaged.

I’m starting to see that I don’t need my Mac’s full power when I can offload tasks to my iPad Air 2. My Mac is getting less love these days. I’ll use it for my power tasks when I need to get some graphic design work in or need a lot of screen real estate to play in. Otherwise, I’m seeing a lot of iPad apps that are taking over the workload when I need to work in the digital world.

(Justin DiRose) #118

2018 Vol 6: Week 12


  1. Go to gym 1-2x per week -
  2. Read 1-2 strategic thinking books - The Strategy Paradox has been a tough read. It’s very dry, and one of those “let me tell you the concepts up front and spell it out the rest of the book with examples” books.” I’m not super far in it. We’ll see :slight_smile:
  3. Get ready for baby to come and be a new dad again - I’m learning how to Dad again with 2 kids, and it’s sure a lot of fun!


This Week: I didn’t set a hotspot this week because my life was WAHHHH for the last 10 days. My hotspot was SURVIVE. :slight_smile:
Next Week: Family - Work’s been very busy the last week, so I want to make sure I can have the best quality time with my family I can.

Weekly Wins - Next Week

  1. Planned posts for April, started writing
  2. Scheduled Seasonal Review
  3. Spent more quality time with family :slight_smile:

What Worked

  1. Tracking recurring habits - has kept me on track, but if I do more than one habit at a time, I get overwhelmed.
  2. Meditation/Prayer - with the busyness of the last week, meditating has helped me drastically in resetting and staying above the chaos. And I find prayer always works to get above the situation to find clarity.

What Didn’t

  1. Making a system change in the midst of transition - I’m temporarily taking on more at work, and I decided to incorporate paper into my system. This worked and kinda didn’t at the same time. I’ll talk more below.
  2. My schedule - it blew up every day this week, but that’s what happens sometimes. You do the best you can to hold to an “ideal” then you course correct.


  • No Mail On Phone - I’ve had mail on my phone periodically this week, but moreso because I don’t always have another device to check it when it’s time to. This has led me to check it more often, but we’re still doing OK. It’ll get turned off again soon.
  • New Startup/Shutdown Routines - I’ve been using these every day. This is no longer an experiment!
  • Dishes Every Night - I’m doing pretty well on this. According to Streaks, I’ve accomplished this habit 89% of the time in the last month. Of course, my family takes precedence, so if there are needs there, I’ll not accomplish this. But this has been helpful to do.
  • Paper/Hybrid System - I decided to incorporate a big yellow legal pad into my productivity system. It’s where I am writing down my daily wins, notes for the day, and any tasks that come up. It’s been excellent for capture. However, I’m less engaged with my digital tool, which means it gets outdated faster. That’s been stressful at times, but at the same time, the change is nice. The great thing is the way I’m incorporating paper is flexible enough that if I don’t do it for a few days, I can still use my digital tools to accommodate for it.

I do this over at https://collections.justindirose.com :slight_smile: I’m starting to synthesize some for the Pro side too.

Exactly. Productivity is iterative. You try stuff, see what sticks, and you ultimately build a system that works for you over time. GTD is a great starting point, but I feel staying rigid to it is not successful unless the system fits your paradigm 100%.

I was trying to do this until I started getting a hardware issue. I’m really hoping at the education event Apple announces a cheaper iPad with Apple Pencil support. If it has nothing else from the iPad Pro, I don’t care. I’ll probably buy it.

(Wilson Ng) #119

Man, I’ve been here too many times as well. I’m always grateful when I get through survival phase and back into “master and commander” mode.

Welcome to the hybrid club! The best of both worlds.

I suspect that it might be an iPad with smaller capacity, probably 32 GBs or hopefully at least 64 GBs. I was thinking of picking one up to complement my iPad Air 2. My current iPad Air 2 has 128 GBs. That’s where I put my news reader apps, social media, and movies/TV shows. Then I’ll shove it in a drawer. If I get this cheap new iPad , I can load all the office apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, OmniFocus, Ulysses, and the other usual suspects. I’m not as tempted to go back to the news apps and social media apps when they are offloaded to the iPad Air 2 and it’s stuck inside a drawer.

(Justin DiRose) #120

2018 Vol 7: Week 14

Q2 Goals - This Week

  1. Personal: Prepare to run a 10k this fall — I’ve done the research, have a good starting place. My plan is to start walking for 20-30 minutes 3x week for 2 weeks, then I will start running intermittently for a few weeks.
  2. Work: Complete phase 2 of initiative I’m working on – While I can’t detail this out here, I am making a lot of progress even in one week.
  3. Family: Develop and implement core values with my wife — I know this goal will be more spread out, but my wife and I have a lot more date time with her on maternity leave :slight_smile: So we’ll be talking on this for many occasions I’m sure.


This Week: Body - It’s been fun doing some research and prep for running. I just need to start.
Next Week: Body - Walks on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday — commence!

Next Week Goal Plans

  1. Personal - Walked 30m 3x next week
  2. Work - I won’t get into details here
  3. Family - Continue values conversation with my wife

What Worked

  1. Staying Calm - Choosing not to get worked up about stuff blowing up around me really worked well this week.
  2. Meditation/Prayer - Still been finding a lot of usefulness in doing this every day. Helps me get above the daily chaos of life and see from a higher perspective.

What Didn’t

  1. Always On - This week I’m on-call for work. My brain is mentally shot even though the on-call after hours workload has been low. Why? Because there’s been this subconscious feeling that I need to be connected and aware at all times of the day.


  • No Mail On Phone - Being on-call this week has needed me to have mail enabled on my phone. However, as a general rule, this has been effective.
  • Dishes Every Night - This is working pretty well! Not every night, but the habit is getting ingrained in me to work on keeping the kitchen clean for my family. I’m making the shift from having to choose to work on it to having to choose not to work on it.
  • Paper/Hybrid System - Using paper in my task system is still 50/50 for me. It’s great for my information management/notetaking, but I run into problems when incorporating it into tasks. I usually forget to review pages or run out of time to do so, breaking the up-to-dateness of the system.


I am really satisfied with the idea of using a 6th Gen iPad with a Pencil for scribbling and notetaking during the workday. I did sell my Apple Watch and iPad Air 2, so I’ll have some funds to invest into it. However, I do not know if I’ll do this for sure yet. I’m needing to spend some time to process through what the workflow might look like before I buy it.

(Justin DiRose) #121

2018 Vol 8 - Week 15

Q2 Goals - This Week

  1. Personal: Prepare to run a 10k this fall — I’ve hit one walk so far this week! Tomorrow and Sunday will be the 2nd and 3rd :slight_smile: Or that’s the hope.
  2. Work: Complete phase 2 of initiative I’m working on – No details, but I’m making good headway. Further along than I thought I would be.
  3. Family: Develop and implement core values with my wife — Haven’t talked much yet, but this one is important.


This Week: Body - Been walking and thinking about diet. That counts. Right?
Next Week: Spiritual - Taking care of my relationship with God and my internal life has not been a priority. Plan for next week? Be sure to do my journaling in the evenings.

Next Week Goal Plans

  1. Personal - Walked 30m 3x next week
  2. Work - I won’t get into details here
  3. Family - Continue values conversation with my wife

What Worked

  1. Coffee - been short on sleep, so coffee was a friend this week.
  2. Just starting - When you’re tired, don’t think too much. Just start.
  3. Taking breaks - When you’re tired, you also need to take breaks. Easy idea, but hard to execute well when you’re busy.

What Didn’t

  1. Not getting self-care time. With family ill and a busy week at work, I didn’t get the self care time I needed.
  2. Not getting much sleep - Again, illness in family can do that. It’s ok, but it caused difficulty staying focused.


  • No Mail On Phone - I didn’t fully do this the last week. And I noticed a difference in my ability to focus. As soon as I set up my iPad, it’s getting turned off.
  • Dishes Every Night - Fell off the wagon this week, but this one’s sticking around. No longer an experiment.
  • Paper/Hybrid System - This one is morphing. I am incorporating a 2018 iPad into my workflow with Apple Pencil. I will report on how that goes.